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Shoulder to Shoulder
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Gurmuu Foundation

Gillis van Ledenberchstraat 48-2
1052 VJ Amsterdam
Tel: 31 (0) 20 7746 398
Mobile: 31 (0) 61268 1680
E-mail: Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce No: 34309799


Welcome to Gurmuu Foundation

Gurmuu Foundation was established in 2008 by a group of Oromos from Ethiopia who wanted to contribute to the development of, their fellow country men and women, in both Ethiopia and the Netherlands. Gurmuu, which means shoulder in Oromo, is symbolic for the work of the organisation. The Foundation is working ‘shoulder to shoulder’ to realise its goals. Gurmuu Foundation builds bridges between the Netherlands and Ethiopia. The Foundation brings together partners from both countries, facilitates co-operation and raises funds for short- and long term projects.

Gurmuu Foundation is active in both Ethiopia and the Netherlands. In Ethiopia the foundation works to improve education, health care and livelihoods of disadvantaged groups, in particular women, children and youths. In the Netherlands the Foundation offers integration training and organises sports and cultural activities.